About Us

What is AlphagemO

Our History

AlphagemO was born out of our partners at BeamReach Inclusion and the world of DEI consulting. Victoria Reichenbacher, founder of AlphagemO, and Olla Jongerius, founder of BeamReach Inclusion, realized in 2023 that DEI consulting mainly revolves around the organizational structure and the HR processes involved. Other key parts of both businesses and NGOs like their supply chain, the procurement processes and foremost their services and products offered to their clients are usually neglected in DEI audits and assessments. They concluded to change this and AlphagemO was created.

Why AlphagemO

Alpha is the first and Omega the last letter in ancient Greek. Alpha also symbolizes the start and beginning of something, while Omega is equivalent to the finish or ending of the very same. AlphagemO is the synthesis of both Alpha and Omega, containing everything between the beginning and the end inside of it. It is the linguistic equivalant of AlphagemO mission and approach, offering holistic assessments of inclusivity to their clients and taking into account every step of the product lifecycle.

Our Mission

The mission of AlphagemO is to support and consult clients on every possible matter of more inclusive product and service design as well as their procurement processes. For far too long, services and products have been designed with very normative clients in mind, unconsciously but systematically excluding large parts of the possible client base or delivering unsatisfying products to customers. The supply chain and procurement process for too long was driven primarily by financial reasoning, neglecting aspects of diversity, inclusion, social responsibility or sustainability. With the advent of AI-based products and solutions, there is a unique chance creating more equity, inclusion and justice in products and services, if AI is designed with DEI principles in mind. Therefore a special focus on inclusive AI design is a major goal of AlphagemO. Our mission is to help our clients making the transition to be more inclusive, sustainable, productive and successful businesses.

Our Approach

We are holistic. We are pragmatic and fact-based. We are data-driven. We are adaptable. We offer tailored solutions for everyone.

Using the ISO30415:2021 as our basic framework of assessments and audits, we approach auditing with measurable results in mind, tailored metrics, easy to understand ratings and objectivity. We have reliability and reproducibility of findings and results in mind and want to help our clients with hands on advice that is made for them...not for everyone.